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Royal Crescent Midsummer Ball ’14

July 9, 2014
The Royal Crescent Ball '14
The Royal Crescent Ball ’14
Beautiful summer's eve at the Ball '14
Beautiful summer’s eve at the Ball ’14

For those who don’t know, once a year, the Royal Crescent Society and Crescent Lawn Company spoils its residents by successfully organising the midsummer Ball, held on the lawn in a large, yet perfectly sized, marquee.

This year, the Summer Ball emcompassed a slightly different mood, reflected in the new notion that each table of 10 people should come up with a theme.

The awards for best themed table and best dressed individual, courtesy of Fine & Country, gave the evening a rather comical je ne sais quoi, whilst acting as a natural motivator for people to really “think outside the box” with regards to their theme. And that we did. Our table of 10 opted for the genius and yet original idea of going as “an oppressed minority group”, aka. gingers. We simply accessorized our black tie ensembles with a selection of rather garish neon orange wigs, which I must say, we wore well!

"Oppressed minority group" table enjoying themselves
“Oppressed minority group” table enjoying themselves

The event is always a great sucess, and you come away feeling very much part of something. I always think it’s the perfect opportunity to meet some new people (we always invite our extended family and friends who absolutely love the events too!) or perhaps just effortlessly socialise with familiar faces and to, lets not forget, drink copious amounts of wine, pimms, gin – all of the above! These events usually are quite boozy, but what can I say?! We just know how to relax and how to make a strong pimms. Could just be speaking for myself there. Nevertheless, thanks to the almost perfectly considered timing of the Royal Crescent StrEAT food event happening on the lawn the following day, the hangover day was already accounted for!

I defintely speak for everyone who attended when I say that the weather couldn’t have been more suited! A warm mid summers evening makes almost all the difference.

"Cocktail Party" themed table
“Cocktail Party” themed table
"The Great Gatsby" themed table
“The Great Gatsby” themed table
"The Great Gatsby" themed table
“The Great Gatsby” themed table

A few of the cheekier residents, the majority of our table infact, went up for second helpings of the truly mouthwatering hog roast, served with all the trimmings. However, it’s not just about good food and drinks. It would have been almost rude not to dance to the upbeat and familiar sound of some iconic songs that later filled the marquee. Needless to say, there was some first-rate dad dancing going on!

The table next to ours had a Pinata to compliment their theme, and kindly let everyone have a swing at it! Quite amusing after a few glasses of wine, and definitely something to consider for your next dinner party.

Ginger love at The Royal Crescent Summer Ball '14
Ginger love at The Royal Crescent Summer Ball ’14
"Masquerade" themed table
“Masquerade” themed table
"Glastonbury" themed table
“Glastonbury” themed table
Couple of red heads... possibly Rod Stewart...
Couple of red heads… possibly Rod Stewart…
"Red & White" themed table
“Red & White” themed table
Dressing up requires a selfie
Dressing up requires a selfie

All in all, the themes turned out to be a great success, from detailed and beautifully crafted table and chair decorations by the “Glastonbury” table, as well as big balloons and all sorts to help accessorize the “Casino” table, both classy and tasteful table accessories that can be said for the “Great Gatsby” table, along with “Red and White”. The table with masquerade masks looked spectacular too, and for anyone I have neglected to mention, lets hope I caught a snap of you! Let’s hope the tradition continues – look forward to next year!

Royal Crescent Summer Ball
Royal Crescent Summer Ball

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