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A day in the life of our Bath Whippet

July 22, 2014

Ever wondered why it’s a “dog’s life”?

2014-05-17 07.19.13

After a snuggly nights sleep involving a lot of wriggling about because people tend to take up all the duvet and bed space, I have a long morning stretch and laze about for as long as possible, whilst the bed is still warm and the house is quiet.

Once i’ve successfully woken someone up, usually have to nuzzle them or just move around lots, or just start whining… people are surprisingly hard to wake up… I tend to play the puppy dog eyes… and let’s be honest, who can say no to this face?! And before we know it, my brother and I are free on the lawn outside! Definitely worth getting up that extra bit earlier so we can enjoy the lawn all to ourselves and we can always make up the lost snooze time in the afternoon!

2014-07-11 07.43.07
Early morning frolick on the lawn


2014-07-15 06.54.34
Us taking a break from running on the lawn

We like to play fight in the mornings too!

Before we head back inside for a spot of breakfast and back to bed, we have to make sure all the other doggies know this is our lawn!

2013-11-02 12.15.43
Post breakfast morning brotherly snuggle

But, unfortunately staying in bed all morning is out of question. We have things to do, like make sure all our squeeky toys are still present. I always go for the stuffed rat toy that’s no longer stuffed and attempt to hide it for later, can’t have anyone else moving it can I?! Although my sneaky little brother always seems to find it!

It’s lunch time! And nothing but Lily’s Kitchen’s natural and organic dog food tins combined with some dry kibble; the dream.

2014-04-07 21.57.37
Feeding frenzy

After lunch, Mummy pops our coats on. I definitely have the nicer one, a nice dark red with some faux sheepskin lining… who’s the most stylish Whippet in Bath huh?? And my brother’s got the same in blue. We look amazing.

It’s time for our big run of the day!

photo 2-1

photo 1
Post Field Walkies

And aftwards we are usually treated to a Johnston’s baby shampoo bubble bath! Followed by an afternoon of snuggles and lazing around. Basically we cuddle everyone. It’s a tough job.

photo 3
Sofa time

A few more walks in the afternoon with the occasional selfie…

Selfie time

And that’s pretty much mine and my brothers day! Concluded with a lovely late night walk courtesy of Daddy. We wonder to The Circus and stand in the middle of the trees for a moment, in complete calm.

photo 4-1
It’s a hard life…

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