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Skinny Pancakes

July 21, 2014

Pancakes do not have to be sugary and bad for you. These pancakes taste amazing and don’t involve much in the way of ingredents or cooking time!

For healthy “skinny” pancakes simply mash up a large banana in a bowl, and add 2 eggs. Mix together and make sure the lumps are out (total preference, I quite like mine a little chunky). I also add a dash of cinnamon at this point. Heat a teflon pan – no oil or butter required! Simply spoon the mixture in, flip and voilĂ ! I also add blueberries on top once they’re in the pan or after, just to give them that little bit extra.

I know it sounds like a glorified omlette but don’t judge until you’ve tried! For those impatient people out there, they also work scrambled.

Skinny pancakes drizzled with honey

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