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May 1, 2018

Homemade sweet potato gnocchi! Such a great idea and I very much took inspiration from a lovely dish I had a Sotto Sotto this April (tender, beautiful sweet potato gnocchi with broccoli and sea bass… amazing).

Disregarding the many homemade gnocchi recipes that flood your feed, claiming a variety of approaches and ingredients, i decided it’s best to keep it simple.

1 sweet potato
1 egg
White flour


Peel, cut up and boil the sweet potato until super soft and tender.

Drain (I will spend more time draining next time…) and let cool

Mash up & blend into a smooth consistency

Once cooled, add egg and mix (feel free to add salt)

Blend some more

Proceed to cover yourself and the entire kitchen in flour in a bid to add flour to the mixture. keep adding flour until a dough-like mixture is formed.

Splatter flour on the work top, roll out

Chop up and I used a fork to roll and mound however this part of the homemade gnocci recipe needs improvement…

Pop into boiling water. Once they float; they’re done.

A quick yet healthy homemade gnocchi recipe.

This sweet potato gnocchi could also be made with butternut squash or parsnips instead of Sweet Potato. Flour can also be substituted for something else. To be experimented with.

Not bad for a first attempt, so don’t gnocc-it!

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