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Heavenly Feet

July 21, 2014

I tend to walk everywhere! Be that shopping til I drop, a 9 hour waitressing shift on my feet, or just walking in between tube stops. I just love it!

Growing up in the centre of Bath might be the reason I love it so. However, dashing about and also integrating heels more into my wardrobe leads to one thing, sad unhappy feet that need to be regularly pampered!

Since I can remember, my mum and I have always gone to the same medical chiropodist in Sendlinger Straße; Munich, at least a few times a year.

Mrs T at Achilles Medizinische Fußplege is wonderful. Very professional little clinic tucked away in central Munich, offering a thorough service. Being a qualified medical chiropodist makes all the difference; you know your feet are in good hands. The prices are reasonable, around 33€ each and your 30 minute session is concluded with a moisturising, a lovely foot massage and also with an optional toe nail painting (you do have to bring your own nail varnish but that’s understandable as it is not the main focal point of the treatment, however, your nails are groomed and filled throughout, regardless of the nail varnish option).

The white theme and calm aura of Mrs T herself, induces a Spa-esque ambience, as does the fountain the courtyard downstairs; you can hear water gently falling outside, creating a very tranquil atmosphere. Broken only by the gentle buzzing of the various filing tools and the occasionally uncontrollable giggle of mine! Amazing how even with the most ticklish feet I still absolutely love getting this pedicure! You are left with the softest and smoothest, most amazing feet, with no sign of heel wearing or walking! They feel like new! My mum and I are yet to find somewhere at home that matches her!

Post Pedicure 🙂

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