Bennewitz Quartet

Wednesday 23rd July 2014, at 19:30, Nymphenburger Schloß hosted the Bennewitz Quartet as a part of it’s summer chamber music festival. The Quartet, consisting of two violinists, Jakub Fišer and Štepán Ježek, the violist Jiri Pinkas and chelloist Štepán Doležal, have made a name for themselves, not just in the Czech Republic but also in Amsterdam, […]

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Playhouse Theatre production of George Orwell’s 1984

Big Brother is watching you… The Headlong Theatre production prides itself on it’s “generous unpredictability” (Observer) and it’s “dedication to new ways of making theatre” through “radical reinvigorations of the classic repertoire” ( Robert Icke and Duncan Macmillian’s production of George Orwell’s famous novel 1984, does exactly this. Not knowing what to expect, I was […]

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